My computer stopped working as in it would not get past POST. Before that, I was just surfing the web as usual, then it froze and just reset itself getting stuck on the DRAM or CPU test by the led staying lit. I just stopped messing with it and last night I decided to take it all apart and re-wire the power supply and put the RAM in different slots. Still didn't get past the POST, but this time it only got stuck on the DRAM. So I hit the memOK button, still no dice. I took out the RAM and switched slots again, the hit the memOK button and voila! Everything booted up and acted normal. It has booted up multiple times now and I am wondering what the heck happened. Any thoughts?

  • Asus M4A89GTD Pro/USB 3.0 motherboard
  • OCZ 1000Watt Fully Modular PSU
  • Corsair Vengence 1600 MHZ 8 GB RAM
  • Nvidia GeForce 250 GTS
  • AMD Phenom II 1100T x6 Processor


You might want to verify that all the RAM is being used. Some modern motherboards will disable a stick of RAM that is failing. Usually, it will require that the stick in slot 0 (the first slot) is healthy, and map out others if necessary. So, it is possible that swapping the RAM SIMMs helped.

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