What will you do for microsofts windows 10 beta help to change the future of windows what changes do you want to make it better?

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i will just delete it and install linux

i should get happygeek to put you's two idiots of the month

What's your voice @happygeek.
As a member doesn't expect this type of word.

Happygeek as of notice i didnt mean to say they are idiots you could could go and delete this post but im right Youssefmanm always says I think that a virus on every post that everyone puts up and mahummad keeps saying Go with linux instead therefore Im making another account im so ashamed and sad at the moment.

Go On HAPPYGEEK delete my account because i dont deserve to be on this forum

Im back my old one was RobertHDD as you can see that I dont use it anymore and i hope that i will be more good in the future.

Happygeek is closing this thread and will not tolerate such abuse of other members, which is against the rules...

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