Samsung Laptop (SF210) was put to sleep last night when it was on lower battery. Plugged it into the wall today to use the laptop it popped up saying screen wasn't shut down properly- I selected proceed with normal windows log in (something like that) then it loads the logo and the screen goes black, it has been blacked.out since 1 pm today. This has happened once before where I think it had something the hard drive file system and it had to delete some.stuff. The laptop is only 2 yrs old and has anti virus protection on it, the battery is built in so I cannot remove it out. I have tried holding the power button down for 30 secs but nothing changes.

Hopefully someone can help me figure out what's wrong!


Assuming you are using Windows 7, try to start your computer in Safe Mode following the steps in this Microsoft link, explained from point 2 onwards.Once you have booted into Safe Mode, delete this file "hiberfil.sys", you should find it on your C: drive. Now restart your computer.

Did that fix it?

Do you sometimes (or often) click on 'Shutdown' or 'Standby' and as soon as you begin to see it Shutdown or enter Sleep close the'lid' (screen) before it has actually shut down or 'gone to sleep'?

If so, this puts your computer into a state of limbo. (for want of a better description) When you next start up your computer it tries to continue doing the last thing it was told to do before being overridden by the closing of the 'lid'. So, unless you change your power-management settings, it is always a good thing to allow the computer to finish shutting down or whatever before closing the screen.

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