Hi All,

I am Just beginning to learn MVC/ Javascript and I have just been given a project to be able to print labels using dymo printers. Now i am blank at this moment in time and i don't even know where to begin (I know how MVC works of course) but i just don'thow i can get the labels printing the data entered in a textbox. I have googled on label printing in c#, mvc and javascript and some material seems to be there but to me it all seems advanced and i am finding it complicated..

Does anyone out there know of any tutorials/material for beginners what will help accomplish this? or can any one show me how i can start this project up please?

Thank you for your time

What interface(s) does the printer provide? It can be serial, pararllel, or USB. That will determine what port you send the output data to. Also, does the printer require some specific protocol to communicate print data to it? There are many factors here to resolve before you can even think about what tools to use to accomplish this. IE, you need to read and digest the device's technical documentation first before you go one step further.