Dell XPS410
Vista Home Premium SP2

I am having multiple problems with my computer. One is a racing CPU fan. Before I can tackle that, I need to know how to get the computer out of power saving mode. The instructions say to strike any keyboard key or move mouse. Please note: When my computer goes into power saving mode, there is no power to the keyboard nor mouse, so neither can be used to get out of power saving mode. I cannot access the BIOS. I have tried many things I found on the Internet. Nothing works.

I tried clearing the CMOS using the method in the owner's manual. It didn't help. I have unplugged the power supply, removed the CMOS battery and then held down the power button for two minutes. It did not help. I even re seated the RAM memory. It did not help. My monitor works fine when using it with another computer.

I don't know if the racing fan and power saving mode are both part of the same problem or not. This computer has been on a shelf for six months. When I cranked it up, it ran fine. It was on the second boot that all this started. I have cleaned the CPU fan. It didn't help.

Power saving mode will either decrease the speed of the CPU, or possibly put the system to sleep or hibernate it. In the docking bay where you see things like your running program icons, your battery/power condition, network, etc, then right click (maybe right click - not sure which) on the batter/power icon and select the configure, profile, or properties entry. There you can change your power profile. If this is a desktop machine and not a laptop, then set power-saving mode to "never".

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