Having an issue with wifi in my house. Was using standard multimodem that came with my broadband subscription from the provider but we were suffering in some parts of the house and my sons complained that when they both played online they suffered from lag. So I bought an expensive router that is supposed to be great for range and signal strength. Connected it to my multimodem, went through setup process then tested. I saw I know have two networks, one from multimodem and the new from the new router. Neither are better than the other and has not resolved the issue. Have I wasted my money or done something wrong in setup? The new router is a Linksys WRT1900AC

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Cables are so much better and you can even go IP over power.

Your routers have a maximum bandwidth, and all the loads are probably hitting that limit, hence the "lags" you are experiencing. You can use both wifi access points, provided they are directly cabled to the modem, providing a greater throughput than you will get with WiFi only.

We have two WiFi access points in our house. One is part of the internet router. The other is connected directly to that via a powerline modem (no cables required other than from AP to modem to router), so we can take full advantage of the 25mbps bandwidth we have on our internet connection. Of course, sometimes that isn't adequate... :-)

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