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That code is just that. It does not mean "it's the second memory chip in slot 2" or much else. You can google that code and see if anything matches. But here's the thing. I see a lot of folk share that code, or maybe a dump. Sad news is that it's rarely if ever helped me fix their PC.

I always have to get into what their PC is made of and then, maybe I can guess what it is.


i just moved the harddisk to another system. In the new system it works perfectly.
Is that any clue what i need to do sir?
Thanks for Reply.


That's a fine clue. It either tells us the system it failed in has a hardware issue or the WIndows install is incompatible.

For example I can get Windows to BSOD if I change say the BIOS SATA from AHCI to IDE Emulation. Does that code tell me that I did that? No.

PS. Added with edit. Moving a HDD with an installed Windows is never a sure thing. I don't know if you know this.

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