I've only been hovering at a distance since 2010 - am low tech, but must improve.
What is the best website enquiry form builder available, particularly stand alone (offline use), which I can use to create an enquiry form which will email me the info entered on a form, and of course acknowledge the enquiring potential customer?

Here's the thing. What you asked for would not only require such a builder that met your specs but would get us setting up a copy of your target web server, email links and more. So, let's say this is all to be done offline. You essentially created a lot of other work all for the sake of doing it offline and with a form builder that is offline. Get the picture yet?

Why not use some Godaddy form builder that is easy to use and sends you the filled in form without having to find out what your web host uses so you have to build a copy of that just to start the search for this form builder?

Thanksfor your response rproffitt.

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