Can't get past the bios screen.?
I used to know some of this, but it's been to long.
Think it's the d drive cdr

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Will try again mon evening pst.

What error do you see?

What you call the "bios screen" is the system's POST (Power On Self Test). If you go into the BIOS (usually F2), you should be able to set the BIOS to report more details about the results of the POST activities. This should give you some data to post (sic) here that we can look at and give you some more rational advice.

"Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key_"

Then, if I open the Asus EZ Flash 2 BIOS utility
It tells me I can't load the D: drive. TSSTcorp
which is a cddvdw.
Is there a way to disable the drive so I can turn the computer on,... or what. don't know ?

Your OS drive could be corrupt, resulting in there being no OS.

First things first, remove any extra media such as a disk, usb drive etc etc

  • Insert your windows disk
  • Press any key after booting from disk
  • On the setup menu press R or select Repair
  • let it attempt to repair (Can be 1 hour - 48 hours).

Fingers crossed :P

If not theres plenty of bootsoftware which lets you clone data onto another external medium, from there re-install your OS and copy files back over :)

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