I have an AMD RADEON HD 8350 GPU 1GB (OEM) in my work computer and I want to get an equivalent card in 2gb. Can anyone recommend an exact replacement for the 8350 but in a 2gb card?
I am running Windows 7

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http://gpuboss.com/graphics-card/Radeon-HD-8350 and other readings point this to be only in the 1GB design.

It ranks very poorly in benchmarks so it must be for low power applications but still better than many Intel offerings.

I can't guess why such a restriction. Usually I toss in those other cards without much to do.

Thanks..Yes, this is a computer at my work. It's just the OEM card that came with it but i want to upgrade it. " and other readings point this to be only in the 1GB design" Are you saying I can't do that??

Maybe you could but all signs point to all 8350's being made with 1GB. A vague reference seems to say the 8350 only had that much address space on this chip. I'm sure you googled this as well and found nothing but 1GB cards so why stick with such and see what's next in the family tree?

Thanks again, i want to upgrade the card. I realize it won't be an 8350. I want something else with 2gb. I just want it to fit right into the slot where my current 8350 is. Does that explain it a little better?

Yes but you left out the host machine details. Maybe it's a short card in a SFF PC or there is not power available for a new card. The 8350 was a 20 or 30 Watt card (from memory, you can recheck that.)

You lead with asking for a 2GB 8350 and now that you want to change to something else, the other details matter. Also, most apps work fine with 1GB VRAM so what's driving this increase? I can't see why the change so advice can't be spot on due to missing detail along with the goal.

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