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We do live streaming via a laptop. We stream in HD and need a very fast processor for sure. I am not sure how important the graphics card is in this but maybe a dedicated one would be best. I had purchased an HP laptop with an i7 quad core in it and a 950 GTX but for some reason it just could not handle the HD coming in as it would almost max out the CPU during our stream and would not work properly. The HP envy that I had said it was a dedicated GPU but it would also work with the CPU too. Can anyone point me in the right direction of a good high powered laptop that would be great for HD streaming? Thanks.

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The 950gtx is a very good GPU. How fast, and how many cores does your HP laptop CPU have? Also, are you trying to stream 1080p, or 720? 1080p is very bandwidth intensive, as well as a CPU hog. Also, your media application is important. Assuming you are running MS Windows, then you are probably running the default MS video application. Install VLC and use that instead. It is much more efficient, and handles more video types without the need to install additional plugins and drivers.

try the haswell-e, cpu

that 950gtx is good tho

for a really portable latop with every thing u can check out 2015 MacBook pro the 15inch
radeon 295x 2gb. cpu is good too. plus, its a mac! this is the only mac that is actually good for gaming/streaming in hd. comes at a price of around 4 grand though. but good luck finding the right pc ;)

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It has to be portable because we travel to schools to stream our games and many times there is not a lot of room.
These are some I am looking at. If anyone can tell me why these are not good choices I will always listen.




The deal is as I was experimenting with it I went back and used a 3 yr old Dell i5 dual with 4gb of memory and no dedicated graphics card. It actually performed as well if not better than the new HP Envy i7 Quad core with a dedicated GTX 950 in. The HP falters when streaming and doing graphics so it already needs to be replaced. It is not faulty so I can't send it back but I have found someone to buy it that will not need it for this purpose so I'm not out a whole lot of money. The architecture of the HP just must not be conducive to the HD stream and the program called Producer from PlayOn Sports. Any more input would be appreciated.

Small world. My son picked the 2GB video ram model at[/url] and has no complaints. It did get a video driver update that cured a small hiccup in Metal Gear Solid 5 but he tells me it runs as expected. Everything works.

-> NOTE! We pulled the HDD and cloned it to a 512GB SSD. That was 120USD for the SSD and I used the Apricom USB 3.0 drive clone kit (under 30USD) for the move.

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dam check this out!
up to 64gb ram(ddr4)
TWO nvidia 980m graphics cards with up to 16gb vram
or 1 desktop nvidia 980 card!

Click Here

that thing is perfection!! i7 with 64gb ddr4 ram
and 2 nvidia 980m or 1 desktop 980 both up to 16gb vram

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