I have a HP540 laptop. The laptop works fine when it is in safe mode. However when it is switched on in normal mode, it works for a minute and then it gets switched off. I have removed unnecessary softwares by going into msconfig>startup. It did not helped. Tried to UPDATE the BIOS, but could not find the right version for my system. My correct BIOS version is F.02 released in 2008. I have alternatively formatted my complete laptop hard disk; But that has also not helped. Please help me. Suggest, what more can be done.

Safe mode disables some services (optional ones mostly) that may be causing problems when running in normal mode. FWIW, you do NOT want to always run in safe mode. Have you looked in add/remove programs in the control panel? Also, what version of Windows are you running, and have you tried booting the recovery partition and use that to fix what it may think is wrong?

msconfig is the correct method. Use it and disable all services, reboot and test. Turn on one chuck of services, reboot and test.... rinse and repeat until your laptop shuts down. when it does, the culprit service or program is located in the last chuck you enabled Continue whittling down.

Also, use malwarebytes and run a full scan as well.

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