Toshiba P25-S520 satellite with green battery lights charged & power to the unit on , when power button to turn on unit is pushed, power on button blue light flashes, cooling fan starts, then the unit powers down with no read out on the screen.

What I think it is can upset some. Try the usual work first. I'll take it you are new to all this.

  1. Remove all power, remove the battery EVEN if it is internal and hard to unplug. In decades I've only encountered one model line that you can't do this step which are those Microsoft Surface models. Press and hold the power button for 60 seconds, release, slip in the battery, apply power and test.
  2. Remove any card, memory stick and drive you can to downsize the computer. Test. What happens? Remember we are not trying to boot Windows or any OS. Looking for signs of life.
  3. If steps 1 and 2 fail to show progress it's usually a failed motherboard. I rarely find it to be anything else. shows this to be a very old P4 laptop so it did well to get this far. However given that age I would try in step 2 to power up without the battery since a few machines that old have a defective battery. Test without it in step 2.

Frankly the machine is not worth anything today. We have two like it at the office in a pickled state in case an old client shows up and wants yet another "can you change one thing?" But they are not used for anything but that client's requests which if you must ask they pay for the service so we oblige.

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