Hi experts. Iam using acer aspire 4560G with 500gb hdd 4gb ram AMD A6-3420M cpu. I have been with it for about 2yrs. Initially it was working with windows 7 which I upgraded to windows 8.1. It has been running fine until yestaday, while it was on, it brought an oops msg saying it has developed a problem. I switched it off using power button and tried to switch it on again. The HDD LED just blinked once and went quiet and the screen couldnt light up. I tried to remove the battery and re insert but it was same. I then I tried to reinstal windows using a bootable disc which I know has no problem, it started well and copying files but when it reached 52% it hanged and stopped responding. I switched it off again and tried to restart the process. This time it coudnt even react but the power is on and fan running, the disc running. What could be the problem? Is it the HDD crash or the mother board problem or the ram or processor? Please advise whan can be done. I use my laptop for work so it has some official data. Thanks in advance

Usually the display is an all or nothing proposition. The problem is possibly the hard drive, RAM, or CPU. If it was still displaying the progress bar, but was hung, then I would suspect it is the HDD. Send it in for repair. They have diagnostic tools to determine exactly what is the problem. This is a good example why an extended warranty (3 years) is not a bad idea... :-)

Thanks rubberman for the reply. So is it possible to have the tool myself? Please give me the link if I need to download it. So that I buy a specific item required. Thanks so much

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