Hey guys,
I have a Compaq presario C700 which is quite old. There was a power fluctuation at place due to which the laptop was shut down suddenly. It is not starting up now, nor is the fan working. When I switch it on, the led lights pop up, but nothing else happens. It's does not have power backup. Kindly help.

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Other things to try:

  1. Unplug charger, remove battery, press and hold the power button for 60 seconds, release, slip in battery, apply power, test.
  2. Replace the CMOS RTC battery. Repeat item 1, test.

After this it's usually a dead laptop. Given the age and cost to repair (CTR) it's usually best to put it in the bone pile.
Bone pile? Just a few days ago we fixed two other laptops by scavenging a WiFi card and ODD (optical disc drive) from a dead laptop.

To turn on the laptop, I will suggest:
Remove the battery and the charger
Press the power button for 10 seconds to drain the power
No connect the charger and try to turn it on

commented: The advice changed from 30 to 60 seconds for many reasons on the power button hold time. +15
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