Hi all...

I have a problem with the computer not booting from the hard drive, where as if I look at the BIOS setup the hard drive is recognized.
I'm using a motherboard from Asus H110M-E M2

thanks for advance

rachel_19 commented: Fixing “Disk boot failure” on Windows -Restart the computer,Change BIOS boot order,Remove newly installed hardware, Regards, Rachel Gomez +0

Do you have a USB that you can boot from to check your hard drive? Linux Live or Macrium Reflect for example?

commented: my hard drive is the same hard drive not from another computer, but this computer is a computer that has been turned on continuously for a year withou +2

As I read your story, I wonder if you left out details such as this hard drive used to be in some other PC. Moving the Windows OS from one PC to another is not a sure thing.

@Reverend Jim, @rproffitt thanks for response

it turns out that it can't boot from the hard drive is the loss of the partition that already contains the operating system

Bless the lord

It's too late this time, but I suggest that when you rebuild your system you partition your drive as C and D where C is your OS and applications, and D is all your user files (you can move special folders like My Documents, etc to D). Then install the free version of Macrium Reflect to C. Create recovery media from within Macrium and make sure to create a boot image and a boot USB.

I presume you are doing backups to removeable media. If not then shame on you.

One last comment - you might want to have a look at a program called spinrite in case there are files you haven't backed up. It could possibly aid in recovery.

You probably have something wrong with your hard drive, and you need to see a professional. I recommend you go to salvagedata.com. They don't charge much for their services as far as I know. Don't worry; you might even have a problem installing windows correctly or need a BIOS setup. In short, you urgently need to contact the experts, and I hope that my post will help you solve your problem.

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