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A recent visit into Google's Webmaster Tools has brought a new section to my attention which I would imagine would be of much interest to SEOs: Internal and External links.

The table of Internal links seems interesting - a listing of pages on your domain that have links pointing to them from other internal pages. But where I think this section shines is with the external links - Essentially it is a listing of pages within your domain that have links pointing TO THEM from other sites. Not only that, but it is a detailed listing of these external pages along with the date a backlink was last found.

For those of you who are curious exactly how Google calculates the link: data ... this is an eye-opener!

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But exactly this option isn't working fine...

In this article explains it: Error in Google Webmaster Tools

Also there is a online tool to count and view the real amount of pages that links to any site: Who links to me

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