I got a toshiba e750. All reviews say its crap but I love it. The whole device cost me £115 (end of line) from Comet (or currys, always get them mixed up). - thats under $250 i think

Its got a 400mhz CPU and 64mb ram as well as wifi b and support for CF and SD cards. It runs WM2003

It has msn and outlook, and powerpoint, and IE, and word, and excel, and media player, and acrobat. I love it!

One gripe is that WMP11 says its too old :(

These devices are under £40 on ebay so i recommend them!

There squareness is much nicer than the ipaqs curves. they can take a beating too.

Grr was gonna add some pics but it wont let me

Sorry, I haven't yet had a chance to code attachments into the blogs. Although it is on my list, but not one of the higher-ups right now.

cant you just do use the same attacthemnt code from the regular forums?