[QUOTE=jbennet;527811]why do prodestants believe in the bible so strongly when it was a) written hundreds of years afrer it all supposedly happened b) isnt the whole story as books which contradicted eachoteher were not included[/QUOTE]

It was not written hundreds of years after it happened. The Bible is a collection of records and letters written by many people over many hundreds of years. Most of these events were written down as they happened, or shortly after they happened.

What happened hundreds of years after the events happened was translation into current languages. This must be redone every 50 years or so, because the current language in use by people today undergoes changes.

Most of those books people think are alternate versions of the events are storylines for stage plays written in the second century by Greek playwrights. They were never intended to be accurate versions of the events. But those intent on discrediting the Bible try to persuade others that they were written as fact.

If you want to understand why people strongly believe in the Bible today, try opening your mind up to the possibility that God does exist, and that He is actively working through the people who believe. John 14 and 16 show how this is done.

scru commented: theres a lot of ignorance about Christianity being spouted around here. I'm glad you're not one of those responsible. +3

Let's get rid of this "table vs css" idea. It's bogus.

Use table for tabular data, and other things that must be in clear rows and columns. You can use css to format the table nicer. Even rows of buttons are nicer with tables keeping them in line.

If you need columns, and need them to all be the same height, use tables.

Use css instead of tables where tables were wrongly used to create stuff that is not tabular in nature.

Web designers used to use tables to create margins, borders, padding, and other formatting functions that were originally not provided in HTML. These are the only tables that should be changed to pure css.

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Datasheet view shows the data in the database. It also allows you to enter and edit the data. It does not let you change the format of the database, other than minor changes (such as displayed column widths).

Design view allows you to create or change the table, form, or other database object, and configure the fields. You can also set keys and restrict the values entered here. But you can't change the database data in design view.

You don't use one or the other exclusively. You constantly switch back and forth between them while designing your database. Use the View button to do this.

When any database object is open and has focus, the leftmost button on the standard toolbar is the view button. Use it to toggle between datasheet view and design view.

In design view, clicking the View button switches you to datasheet view.

In datasheet view, clicking the View button switches you to design view.

You can select other views with its dropdown arrow.

It is probably the most used button on the toolbar.

I usually use Create Table in Design View to makle the database table, then enter the data with either the datasheet view or a form.

What the W3C wanted us to stop doing is using tables to make margins and borders.. At one time, this was the only way to do margins and borders that worked on all browsers.

My rule is:

If I need a rigid structure, I use a table.

If the structure can be allowed to float, I use divs.

Since frames are not in XHTML 1.0 Strict (which employers want to see), I don't use them.

This is easy:

  1. Using the downpointing black arrow mouse pointer (appears at the top of a column), select the columns you want distributed evenly by dragging across their tops.

  2. Use the Table menu / autofit / Distribute columns evenly.
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  2. Why is it that Democrats throw most of the stuff found along the road out of car windows?

  3. A man is drowning 50 feet from shore. A Republican throws a 40 foot rope, and requires the drowning man to swim 10 feet. A Democrat throws a 100 foot rope, but then he lets go of his end to run down the beach to save someone else.

  4. The problem with Democrat economics is that each Democrat is too lazy to do the math himself, and assumes that some other Democrat did the math that shows the plan works. In reality, the math is never done.

  5. How can Democrats blame Republicans for wasteful spending, and in the next breath, promise to support an unnecessary expenditure such as the arts?

  6. The easiest job, if you do not want to think, is to become a Democrat politician.

  7. How can Democrats portray President Bush as a total simpleton, and in the next breath portray him as such a clever criminal that nobody can catch him in a crime?

  8. The one thing missing from most Democrat social programs is a source of income other than a magic fairy that bestows wealth.

  9. Reagan: What is this Pac Man I keep hearing about?

Aide: It's a round thing that eats money.

Reagan: Oh! It's Tip O'Neill.

  1. How can a man who has killed someone in a drunk driving accident be a US Senator?

  2. ...
tiger86 commented: I could have not said it better about democrats. I like to call them democraps I mean the animal that represents them is a jackass after all. +1

A man was given special dispensation to take a bar of gold with him into heaven.

When he got to the gate, Saint Peter saw the gold, and said, "Ah! There's the pavement I ordered. We have a pothole down the street."

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I see some things:

  • You have an absolute size and a surrounding style in the same style entry. Don't put padding and width in the same block object. You can put a padding of 0 in such a style entry, but that is not what you did.

  • When you specify a value of 0, you do NOT put a unit of measure on it. Thus, it should be 0, not 0em. The 0em causes a style error, throwing the browser into quirks mode. It put in the default padding, not 0 padding.
sagedavis commented: Midi, After making your suggested changes this worked, fantastic +1

That's why I suggested that only the title bar across the top be the same. Make the main parts of the pages individual. You get it both ways.

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A duck quack does echo. But unless the echo has a long enough time delay, you can't tell the echo from the original quack.

I once heard duck quack echoes bouncing off a large boathouse at the other end of the lake.

You need a lot of little pages, not one huge one. Navigate between them with links.

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Please realize that you can't embed your player in a web page and have others use it. They can use only the players they have installed on their own computers.

The problem is that I really don't like any of them.

But the ones I really don't want are the ones who would have government take over health care. They would likely remove the alternative medicines I need due to allergies to "save money".

[QUOTE=Ezzaral;498580]I'm not certain exactly how one would "do atheism" in public. Have you ever seen anything that would qualify? I can't say that I have really, so that one is a bit confusing.[/QUOTE]

By demanding freedom from religion.

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[QUOTE=~s.o.s~;496939]> I prefer MS-DOS over any of the current systems.

And you are currently making this post sitting on an MS-DOS system. Great![/QUOTE]

No, I have been forced to use Windows, because the Internet is no longer compatible with DOS computers.

But I have multiple computers. I do my research on the DOS computer, because the timesharing and multitasking prevents it from working on Windows computers.

I would like Windows a lot better if Microsoft didn't keep CHANGING it.

In my opinion, operating systems should never change. Every time a software platform changes, research scientists have to do a whole series of tests to make sure the changes don't change the results of the research. Microsoft has made long term research projects very difficult with its periodic changes.

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They get it upside down because usually you have the word "up" on the box with an arrow pointing up. But when you turn the box upside down, it now has the abbreviated word "dn" on it with an arrow pointing down.

"dn" is "up" upside down - or is it umop apisdn

Why is abbreviation such a long word?

Anyone for fruitcake hockey?

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Murphy's original laws:

  1. It's never as easy as it looks.
  2. Everything will take longer than you think it will.
  3. If anything can go wrong, it will.
  4. When left to themselves, things go from bad to worse.
  5. Nature always sides with the hidden flaw.

Fitznik's corollary to Murphy's law:

  • Originlal documents will be destroyed by the copier.

O'Toole's revelation:
Murphy was an optimist.

Peter's commentary:
O'Toole was an optimist.

Lowery's laws of the lab (see previous post):

  1. Experience is directly proportional to the amount of equipment ruined.
  2. Under the most carefully controlled conditions, the organism will do whatever it wants to do.
  3. No experiment is ever a complete failure. It can always be used as a negative example.

Maier's Law:

  • If the facts don't fit the theory, they must be disposed of.

Hynek's corollary to Maier's law:

  • Use file 13 (the wastebasket).

Law of selective gravitation:

  • A falling object will land where it will do the most damage.

Jennings' corollary:

  • The probability of toast falling buttered side down is proportional to the cost of the carpet.

Phumble's Law:

  • Do it yesterday.

Pedro's law:

  • Do it tomorrow.

Marlow's Law:

  • When asked to give the probability of a given technical success, don't.

Ziegler's Law:

  • People whose last names begin at the front of the alphabet have a better chance in life.

Etorre's Observations:

  • The other line moves faster
  • Switching lines makes the line you ...
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[QUOTE=GrimJack;496312]How 'bout the 3 laws of thermodynamics re-phrased:
1) You can't win
2) You can't break even
3) You can't get out of the game.

Murphy fought entropy and entropy won[/QUOTE]

Capitalism is based on the false assumption you can win (but government prevents that)

Socialism is based on the false assumption that you can break even.

Mysticism and Transcendental Meditation are based on the false assumption that you can quit the game.

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I have several repeating dreams:

  • I am building huge databases about really stupid stuff (e.g. the number of tacos eaten daily in each state) in Access.

  • This cute girl is after me to the point of becoming a pest.

  • I am working on a construction site. Suddenly I hear the "Jaws" theme. After the first 8 notes play, an expensive drain assembly falls off the pipe and shatters on the floor.

  • Democrats have destroyed the economy with their health care program to the point where the only jobs are illegal underground ones. You can't work unless you hide from government.

  • Judge Judy and Judge Milian are suing each other in Judge Alex's court.

  • The guys from Law and Order burst into my house and force me to replace my analog TV and tapes with digital.
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Democrats controlling the economy.

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I have done it. There is a trick to it:

Don't use the same block element for both something using a defined width or size (either absolute or relative), and a surrounding style (margin, border, or padding). Nest them in the order you want them defined.


  • Firefox puts the surrounding styles OUTSIDE the defined width or size of the block element.

  • IE puts the surrounding styles INSIDE the defined width or size of the block element.

If you nest two blocks, o0ne with defined size, and one with surrounding styles, then YOU get to define whether the surrounding styles are inside, or outside, the defined sizes.

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Supercar (same company, but before Fireball XL5)

See my avatar for a pic.

A close second was Space Angel.


Colonel Bleep
The Jetsons
The Flintstones
Road Runner
Ruff and Ready
Astro Boy
Josie and the Pussycats
Star Trek (animated series)
Clutch Cargo
Johnny Quest
Top Cat
The Astronut
Mr. Magoo
Beanie & Cecil
Marvin the Martian

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The thing I always hear is that Christmas marketing starts "too early." But look at everything they sell in stores nowdays. If you don't buy seasonal items 3 months before the season starts, you can't get them.

Just try to get winter boots or gloves in January, when you discover that yours fell apart in the closet over the summer. They are having the clearance sales for those now, to make room for the swimsuits for Spring Break.

It's not just Christmas. All of marketing is three months ahead of the actual season.

I did see one bright product this year: Solar powered Christmas lights.

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The security setting usually causing the block is of the form "disallow content from multiple sites."

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I found a dilemma that disproves life happening by chance:

In order for a cell to reproduce, a cell needs the blueprints (DNA) for building another cell, and it needs the device to read the blueprint and build the parts (ribosome).

Let's assume that one complete cell came together by random chance. It has DNA formed by random chance, and it has a ribosome.

It's the second cell that bothers me. There are two events that must exist together independently that don't make sense. Assuming the first cell got its ribosome through random chance, how did the second cell also get one.

Case 1: Assuming that the ribosome independently developed away from the DNA, how did the instructions for building a ribosome get recorded onto the DNA, so the second cell could have one?

Case 2: Assuming the plans for the ribosome were on the DNA before the cell came together, what was used to read the DNA so the first cell could have a ribosome?

This is sort of like making a compact disc recorder-player and a blank compact disc, and upon inserting the first blank compact disc into the recorder-player the first time, finding the blueprint for the recorder-player already recorded on the disc.

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[QUOTE=joshSCH;463353]The fact of the matter is you blatantly said that the volume of ice is equal to the same mass of liquid water. This is FALSE!

Truth: The volume of ice must be greater than the same mass of liquid water.[/quote]

That is true. But because the ice is FLOATING on water, the extra volume is the part sticking up into the AIR. 90 percent of a floating piece of ice is below the water level, but the other 10 percent is sticking up into the air. A floating body will displace its weight in water, with the rest of the volume of the floating body sticking up into the air. Otherwise, we couldn't have boats.

What I said was that AFTER IT MELTS, the water that used to be ice displaces the same amount of water that it displaced when it was ice. The extra volume in the ice displaces air, not water.

[quote]Here is an experiment for your (naughty bits deleted) to do: Make some ice cubes, you will notice that the ice takes up more space than the water. Put a coke in the freezer.. the water expands and the can will burst.[/quote]

Now drop that ice into water, and notice how much of the ice sticks up above the surface of the water. It's EXACTLY the extra volume the ice has over that of the same mass of liquid water.

John A commented: Good job on being patient and explaining. +12

Argument: "Global warming is occurring, because the glaciers are melting."

Truth: Statement is affirming the consequent.

Argument: "The amount of CO2 in air trapped in polar ice is a lot lower than the CO2 concentration today."

Truth: Ice is not a hermetic seal for CO2, which can diffuse through it by combining chemically with H2O to form H2CO3. This will especially happen if the ice is in contact with rock or sea water, for the H2CO3 will react with the minerals present to produce carbonates.

Argument: "If the ice on just the polar seas melted, it would raise sea level by 3 feet."

Truth: This totally ignores the physics of floating bodies. A floating body displaces its weight. A submerged body displaces its volume. But if the floating ice melted, it would still displace the same amount of water, because it is water. So the sea level does not change. On the other hand, ice sitting on LAND would raise the sea level if it melted.

Argument: Man is causing global warming.

Truth: If this is so, how is man causing global warming on Venus, Mars, and Europa?

Argument: The average temperature has increased 1/2 degree F since the 1700s.

Truth: The standards we use today were not defined accurately enough in the 1700s to make such a claim. They degree F was also changed in 1901 by an international treaty, so the old values must be adjusted.

Argument: Greenland has not been ice-free for tens of thousands of years. ...

EnderX commented: If I recall correctly from what I've read, some glaciers are actually growing at the (eon.moment). Any evidence on this? +3
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In so far as marijuana is concerned, nearly all of these claims are without merit and show a great ignorance of the matter.

No, it's from reading both sides of the issue, not just the liberal spiel that says there is nothing wrong with pot.

The original event of making pot illegal WAS in that Wiki site, but they glossed it over, just giving the place (New York) and the date (1900). It was made illegal for two reasons:

  1. People using it in the workplace were getting injured.
  2. Those injured people, and those who wouldn't work because they didn't care, weren't earning the money to pay their taxes with.

In other words, government feared losing tax revenue. The racial component came later.

Do more reading on the things I've posted. Don't just take my word for it. (I highly doubt I have to worry about that too much).

I have read all that stuff, and much more that contradicts it. I don't believe the pro-pot part of it (probably because it looks like it was written by pot users justifying themselves). I also notice that liberals never believe anything a conservative says that contradicts the liberal dogma.

I have smoked a little pot long ago. I have not in quite some time. I still manage to develop software for a living, so I guess I've managed to maintain some semblance of logical thinking. Enough at least to be a responsible wage-earner and citizen.

Drug users and environmentalists tend ...

The problem is that our long-term permanent memories are serial, like recording tape. The problem isn't that you can't remember something, but the rewindatory gap. That's the time it tales to find and retrieve the memory.

My memory can take 24 hours to complete a search cycle.

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