I'm know this question will make me look pathetic, but I desperately need some help. I'm quite bright, really. Here's my question:

Regarding programming, even pseudocode: Other than mathematical computations, what are examples of processes?

I'm taking online classes through University of Phoenix, and they've been great. However, I've hit a snag. I'm taking a class Fundamentals of Algorithms and Logic (for the 2nd time!), and I've triple checked that this class has no pre-requisites. We get our textbooks as downloadable chapters and often we don't get every chapter of the book. This class doesn't come with Chapter 1 or even a glossary.

Now, I'm not "computer stupid" and have worked with and played on computers for 25 years or more. You could say that I'm "programming stupid", though. I've gone to the university's online library and spent a few hours copying and pasting 26 pages of computer terminology definitions. I've run searches on the Internet for "terminology" and "jargon" and "definitions". I have very carefully reviewed everything I can find and used deductive, inductive, and every other -uctive reasoning I know of.

Help, please?