Hi, it's been quite a while since my last post ;) I know the user would be prompted to key in the new time and date if "time" and "date" are keyed in via DOS command prompt. Hm, just wondering, is it possible that I can have a .bat file that would just update the PC to the latest correct timedate automatically based on a reference PC timedate? :o Any :idea:

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If you are using windows 2K/NT/XP use the net time command in a batch file. You have to put several parameters in and a little knowledge of NTP (Network Time Protocol) is helpful.

An example goes like this

net time \\thecomputer /set

This will set the time with the computer named thecomputer

There is also a command to set NTP servers.

net time /setsntp:thetimeserver

This will make the computer thetimeserver set as the NTP server that the Windows Timeservice will use to set the time.

In XP SP2 its even easier. Double-click on the date and time in the system tray. Select the Internet Time tab. Set the setting and away you go. Well that isn't a batchable command but it easy.

On other OS's there are third party NTP clients to use from a command prompt to do the same function as net time.

Do a search on CNET Downloads for NTP CLIENT and you will get a bunch of listings.

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