Hello, we have been searching the web for web based software solution for a software development, we have no experience in software at all, we have this plan in mind and we first tried to find which programming language should be used to develop this software (and also we tried to find a company that can do this), after couple o weeks search on web we got our answer – “ we don’t know which language to use”, today we think many languages can handle this project, but which one is going to be the FUTURE? which one will die?, which one will be more easy to make it bigger (grow, scalable) if this new idea grows as planned? (capable to handle lots of database entries, requests, large amount of datas etc….) so we are calling for help!. Please do not consider costs, this is not important, since we will be handling financial datas and money, we need what is best and more scalable. Our plan is to handle more than 5 hundred thousands to 1 million of money request per month and 50 thousands unique payments.
The Project
We want to built a software that mainly sends others people trough the e-mail request of payments (something like paypal, moneybookers, or neteller). The difference is we will use Boletos instead of credit cards to receive payments.
BOLETO: Is a Brazilian form of payment, widely used in our country, they can be used to pay almost any kind of statement, bills (water, gas, phone) and is very safe. Each one is unique comes with the name of the issuer, value, dates, control numbers, bar codes and others. (is used in all e-commerce web site in Brazil, there is plenty APIs to integrate that on any kind of e-commerce site or recurring bills systems. Necessary only to have established business in Brazil and a Bank account (merchant) able to receive those kind of payments.
What we need?
A software that is capable to control the money requests and payments.
Front end
1- The sender will have to be registered as a costumer to send payments requests.
2- It will be necessary to control all this money requests on is account (e-wallet)
3- It will be necessary to control all payments received on his account (e-wallet)
4- Control the fees related to paid BOLETOS (we will charge a fee for every boleto that was paid). Free to send money requests
5- User needs to have all his history under control (how many boletos was send, how many was paid), how much money there is on his e-wallet.
6- User can request trough his e-wallet account a withdraw to his bank account
7- Many others (not necessary to say now)

Back end
1- We need to have control of all users (block, hold, suspend)
2- Control of all boletos sent
3- Control of all boletos received
4- Control of all money withdraw
5- Many others (not necessary to say now)

Safety and backup
1- We need a very strong and protected software, fully covered by SLL certificates and others.
2- Necessary to be able to make automated backups every minute or less.
3- It will be necessary to costumers to go trough a verification process, so it will be necessary to them verify they identity somehow.
We have gave only short description of the project of course, but with this I think I can get some help from people that have more experience than us. And maybe we can find the definitive solution for our problems.
Ps: Sorry for any English mistake!

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Honored ladies and/or gentelmans,

I just lost two hours in answering You long way, but in the end it seems that my post dissapeared and this Web Page requested my new login :-((

Now, long and short of it is that You need professionall like me that after 34 years know enough to not make costly mistakes, which programming language is best, how database should be organized, how to organize safeguards againest possible misfunctioning and losing of data, how to make instant multiple backups and so on.

Question is do You realize how much such project cost and how much time is necesary for its planning and building, testing and foolproofing?
I know it is fashionable nowadays that programs have bugs and nobody guarantee for usability, no matter what cost, but I am of old school that do not permit bugs and incorect results or failures for any reason, short of cataclismic happenings.
With me You get top quality, at cost, of course, but not so much as would cost You schooling and paying 10 first class programers in US for a year time, where You would have nothing for them to do after.
Pay of first class independent COBOL programmer is 350 to 500 thousands $, and Systems Engineer is twice as costly. Such application would cost at least 5 milions, without guarantee it would also work :-((

What You need is akin to Banking software, and everybody expect that handling of their money be faultless, right?

I could answer You long way if You want to hire me :-((

Regards from Zagreb, the capitol of Croatia, Europe!

Marijan Pollak,
IT SA/SE st. Class,
Instructor and Team Leader

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