Hi All,

I have been given a time complexity recursive function T(n) = 9 T(n/3) + (n)2 [read as n square]. Now I am supposed to find out the precise values of T(3) etc etc ..

Please help me understand as to what needs to be done. Is this just plugging in the values? And should I consider (n)2 in calculating T(3).?

Please help me understand.


You can't calculate precise values of T(3) without knowing the precise value of T(1).

Sorry for missing out on tht ... T(1) =1 was given ... Please let me know how to go about with the soln.


If plugging numbers into formulas is beyond you, you're studying the wrong subject.

Yes, you just plug in the numbers. You'll see that when you plug in n = 3, the first part of the formula immediately becomes 9*T(1) so you're practically already done.


Thanks for the help ..

Well I wanted to confirm if this was just plugging in the values and hence I had mentioned it b4 as well !!!

Everyone is/has been new to subjects at some point of time :) ...