I'm trying to write an Ascii STL file ysing a poly_shade command in IDL. basically it outputs vertices and polygons where the first numbe rin polygons is the number of vertices and the following numbers are the vertices that are connected.

I havn't been able to find any software or algorithms to do this data reformatting.

Is anyone familiar with this kind of algorithm?

I have only found ways to print out the vertices and polygons in seperate blocks, I'm thinking I might have to store all the vertices than start writing the file based on the polygon list.

Any ideas or questions, please let me know.

I have the program written, ust tossed it out there over the weekend just in case.

however, when i try to import he mesh into gambit all i get are 2 polygons when there should be a few hundred more.

anyone know why io got this:

STL file to FIDAP7 file
Error at line 17: expected 'outer loop' token in ASCII format.

Trying binary instead.

Read 6 nodes, 2 elements, 0 groups.
Error in reading the file
2 tri elements

or where i can get help on this?

actually i can get it to gambit fine now, anyone know of some good gambit or fluent forums?