Hello, if I start to distribute some software I have written under a copyright, using a free software license, I would like to know what do the dates of the copyright stand for.

If I say (c) 2009-2010 Vernon Swanepoel, what does it mean that I did on those dates. The reason I am asking is can I do something like this (written in Python)

def copyrightText():
    from time import localtime
    if localtime()[0] == 2009:
        crD = "2009"
        crD = "2009 - %d" % localtime()[0]
    return crD

So that each year, the material's copyright simply updates itself. Is there a legal issue to doing that. I am not just asking Python specifically, if I do the same on a website, is there an problem with that.

Basically, if I am lazy, will I get burned :S One of the main reasons I would like to do this is for websites I build for clients, so that years from now they don't have to worry that the website's copyright thingi (heavy legal terminology, I know) is updated.

If someone could recommend where (more appropriate forum) I should ask this question, I would appreciate that.