I need some help with you plz . In class we have to describe the hardware compnets in a computer by relating them with objects, processes, or analogies from the real world. Well I suck with computers and I have read the chpt but im not sure how to relate it to real life. Could someone help me plz.

no, you're hopeless. Just admit as much to your teacher and they may be lenient and allow you to retake the class or switch it out for something else like an internship at McDonalds to learn burger flipping.

thanks for your reply but i have already submitted my work and got a 100%. Also for ur info i am going to school to be a Doctor and I have made the Dean's List since ive started so plz save ur rudeness for someone else who is interested...thanx for your comment .

@leigh22 you deserved your treatment as you for once hijacked someone else post with your own question (I know, I had to move it), secondly you failed to specified what chapter of what book and what was actually your question. Lastly you are making muscles like you Popeye, but you struggling with basic basic English and pretend to achieve this and that.
Next time when you ask question do not ask for help, but provide documentation on what you are looking into and what you have problem to understand/solve, only after that we may look into helping you.
PS: Fake reports are bad sign...

getting "100%" score on a test with an attitude and skills like op is also a bad sign.
Indicates either fraud, a pathological liar (in which case the score was more like 1.00%), dyslexia (again, a score of 1.00% but misread as 100%), or a highly incompetent grader.

Be blessed and thank you for ur comments :)

Got 100%?
It seems doubtful man.

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