hi everyone,
i'm trying to develope a MATLAB code for error performance in various
modulation and demodulation,but unfortunately,i get stuck in it,seems
that i got a problem for calculating the errors.I'm trying to use QAM
for wave(audio) file and calculate its error.As below is my prototype
code,it give syntax error for biterr,and i don't know where exactly
the mistake is,can you help me with this? I very appreciated for the

y = wavread('D:\GREAT SONGS\CRAWLING3.wav')

x = uencode(y,n)

y = dec2bin(x,n)
z = reshape(y.',prod(size(y)),1);

M = 16;
a = qammod(x,M);

EbNo = 10;
nsamp = 1;
snr = EbNo + 10*log10(k) - 10*log10(nsamp);
ynoisy = awgn(a,snr,'measured');


b = qamdemod(ynoisy,M);

c = dec2bin(b,n)
d = reshape(c.',prod(size(c)),1);

[num,rt]= symerr(a,b)

[number_of_errors,bit_error_rate] = biterr(z,d,'overall')


I have a similar problem with wavread(). Have yet to receive any inputs whatsoever. if i got it i'd let you konw.


hii..actually i m caluclating the throught put using matlab...can any one help for me....
i caluclating throughput for both roundrobin scheduling n quantized prportional fair scheduling
will any one help me..
its so imp for meee

is so plz mail ur reply to mahesh.g.4u@gmail.com

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