Okay.. Maybe I should have put this in a different spot.

The programming language I'm using is irrelevant. What I'm looking for a is a simple plain text or xml english dictionary, that actually has pronunciation, either in IPA or simplified.

It MUST have pronunciation, be in plain text or xml (with no links or other BS that I have to filter out when parsing the file)
It must also be redistributable, attribution or otherwise.

*warning, flaming starts here.*
Jeeze, I searched on google for hours. literally, hours. Going through what people think is a great and helpful website, looking for something that isn't there. Ugh. This angry, embarrasing post has more information than your stupid website, people. Yeah, that's directed at you dicts.info webmaster. Other websites have links that are completely outdated, or links that don't even take you to where they tell you they will. Blegh. Not fun.

I'm sure there has to be a good dictionary with pronunciation out there... there just has to be... sigh.

What exactly do poeple use for text to speech programs anyway?

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Okay. When I originally posted perhaps I was a bit angry. That wasn't exactly the first impression I wanted to make, but it's done, can't change that.

That CMU link you provided is actually pretty good! I made the mistake of assuming it was called a pronunciation dictionary, when it is really a pronouncing dictionary. Silly english.

Yes, that more than fits my needs for a dictionary! I'm only using some of the words, so I'll just to str comparisons with several of the scowl dictionaries, and compile a new dictionary that meets my needs. I did search for several text to speech programs on SF, but the several of the dictionaries had an API(I guess you could call it an API...) that was particularly cryptic for my purposes. I only need common words, which I will then identify the 10 basic consonant sounds, and ignore the vowels.

You pyTony, may have just saved my project. And made me facepalm. :)

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