Dear Colleage,

I've 20GB, Seagate (Model 91361U3). while I was upgrading the operating system form Win2000 to XP, it fails. I've tried to load XP OS again (New instalation). Again it fails to complete the instalation. Now the Pc couldn't get in to dual booted system. It just shown the two boot alternative in the beginning, but it couldn't go further. Please suggest me a solution. I'm thinking to repair the HD but I don't know how to do it.

Best regards

Don't you think a hardware forum would be better suited to your problem than a software development forum?

you please give ur system configuration so that i can think twhere the problem lies. because i too had a 20gb hdd and i have installed 2 OSs without any problem.


Fist you give me your system configuration. Showing your question I thought that you HD have boot problem. Fist you install an on workstation if. It is install properly then check boot.ini file.