Hi, over the past couple of years I've been learning C++ but now I am looking for another programming language to learn. I want to learn something that is widely used. I was thinking about either java or python. Does anyone have any experience with either of those? Or suggestions for another programming language?

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Java, python, ruby, javascript. Those are the hot buttons right now. That will change, of course, but having those skills will help with job acquisition.

I suppose it depends on the industry and market you are looking in. For me, I see a lot of demand for PHP, DotNet (usually C#/ASP.NET though also VB, not that there is a lot of difference between the two IMHO).

I haven't seen much in the way of Python or Java for that matter, unless its J2EE. Having said that, they are both good and flexible languages, and I feel that the more exposure to different technologies you have experienced is better for your development as a programmer in general.

You will find that a good knowledge of web standards CSS, HTML and javascript will help regardless of what backend language is being used. More and more systems programming is becomming web based rather than client side applications, with more companies converting legacy systems into intranets and the like.


If you have an interest in web technologies, I would focus on PHP, ASP.NET, learn some SQL while you are at it.

Go with java first after java learn C# tht iz not a big deal bcz C# and java both are veri similar .
But if u interested in web and want to get a quick job then learn PHP and ASP.net
Also Learn Database tools like MySQL for web base And SQL Server.

I'm studying 'Fortran' ,Its code is quite simple to read

Fortran is one of the oldest programming languages, and it's probably the fastest one when doing calculations, the only disadvantage is when it comes to graphics.

I'm currently using Fortran 90/95, but you may want to start with Fortran 2008

Some links:

a Compiler: http://www.eclipse.org/photran/
a Fortran 90 Tutorial provided by the University of Liverpool: http://www.liv.ac.uk/HPC/HTMLFrontPageF90.html


You have many choices that you can opt for like java, python, perl, fotran, .net, PHP, etc.

I started with learning C first, then i learned C++, then Java and currently i had learned ASP.net in C#. But now i think PHP is in more demand so i am planning to learn PHP now.

You must also check out which language is in more demand and opt for that.

Basically, Programming languages which you want to learn is up to you but as i say learn each language properly and in sequence. In the Programming field the first one is the language 'C' and after done it 'C++'. Both of this are basic languages than comes Java, PHP, Asp.net, Pascal, etc.

Java is a good language , the next generation technology is based on JAVA language so try it if you are interested in it.

I think u must go for JAVA

i would say Java is a good choice due to the fact that its plateform independent.C#/ASP.NET is another easy to learn and intresting branch also.

There are many languages, as noted above, that you could work on next. I would suggest first determining what you want to be doing as a programmer. Then do some job description research, see what languages those who are doing the hiring are asking for. Take that information and couple it with the good advice above.

The big two are C# & java for developing web applications, anyone with a background/experience on C/C++ would pick them up quikly as both are OO and both use the similar control flow and general syntax. A little DDL & DML SQL for data storage purposes would come in handy too as the big two langs are usually used with applications that interact with lots of data.
If you need an entry level job very fast you need to know the very simple basics i.e. front-end layout design and handling forms (HTML, Javascript, CSS, HTML DOM, XML, photoshop) and some server side scripting lang such as ASP/PHP.

I think Python is a good start coz its easier to understand and there is a lot of free documentation available online. It also has lots of plugins which is gona make coding a lot easier.

Since you have got an experience in C++, You should be able to grasp Java or python easier. Depedning on what you're looking for. IF you're after fast development, then Python it is you choice. Otherwise, Java is the choice if you're after a long-term development. If you want tp learn something about Web technologies, then PHP, MySQLand JavaScript are the choices. HTML is gonna be a piece of cake for you.

The answer depends on why you want to learn another language. If it is to get a job, see previous answers. If it is to stretch your mind and improve your skills:

  • Java is a minimal step from C++. It has some more "modern" features like garbage collection and references are a safer variant of pointers, but they are very similar in many ways
  • Python is quite different from C++, and it has good web resources. It is a good example of an interactive language, one that blurs the distinction between run time and compile time.
  • Lisp is very different from C++. See http://www.paulgraham.com/icad.html for an interesting perspective on why it is important to learn lisp
  • Prolog is very very different from anything else, but unlike Java, Python, or Lisp, it is of little practical use.
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