Hi im new to html and fairly new to programing i've been waching youtube vidios on html and they all do the same thing to put up a phot but whenever i try the photo eror shows up by the way i use notepad ++

 <!doc type html >

 <title> matt's html </title>
 <body bgcolor = "#6a0888">
 <image src = "lakers.jpg">

<body bgcolor = "#6a0888"> - is not good, better is <body style="background:#6a0888"> or use css
<image src = "lakers.jpg"> - it's wrong! Use this - <img src="lakers.jpg" alt="lakers" />

As you are new to Web coding, you must check with W3C School to get familiar with such type of basic codings.

incorrect doctype <doc type html>
The doctype declaration must be exact (both in spelling and in case)
<!DOCTYPE html>
without a doctype the browser does not know what you are trying to tell it, nothing else will work
the tutorial sites mentioned by the prior posts is here http://www.w3schools.com/

and also about the correct path