hello every one,
this is my first post in daniweb and i'm so glad to join you guys.

for my final year in computer science i'm working in speech recognition as an application in android mobiles.....

i really have some issues like where to start and what helping libraries is there for this project EX: is there an android library for dsp? is this project to large to be done by 4 month? is it that hard to get along with androids frameworks etc..

i need this topic ( thread ) to be discussed with you guys.

no idea is selly every openion has its own meaning....
thank you a lot

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really guys.... no one has any idea about that????!!!!!!!!!!

You can't rely on people to help you all the time. The point of this project is not only for you to be able to do large complex project but also research and do stuff on your own. This is the internet. There are plenty of sources. First you need to learn a little about speech recognition. You need to get out there and look for sources. Sources that helps you. So go and work hard.

thnx firstPerson but you didn't get me at all. i do know what speech recognition means and i know how to deal with it rally well, but what i don't know is how can i use like those libraries with android and that what id didn't find on the internet !!!!

and buy the way it's a discussion not a wising place

The best way to do your project is to conduct google search regarding speech recognition and then after thoroughly studying all the aspects, you would be able to start this project.

what i need is not the speech recognition learning cuz i passed this one. what i need is using google speech engine and modifying the result, but i have a lot of work to do specially with being android programmer

Ok, hello!

Right, first off, you haven't actually said what you want to do in speech recognition, as it is a massive area. So to answer your question:

is this project to large to be done by 4 month? is it that hard to get along with androids frameworks etc.

Yes, it is. First of all you need to atleast have an understanding of signal processing, and frequencies, which, requires you to use such things as FFT's / Zero-Crossing and other features. You need to stop looking at Libraries - The whole idea is understanding Speech Recognition and the process behind it. Not just saying "I'll google a library and read their documentation".

For my final year project, I am detecting whether someone is saying either "Yes" or "No" and believe it, it is very difficult.

So, in your question, please be more specific so people can help you more :)!

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