Hi everyone,

I'm desperately looking for 2 programs that do the following things:
Program 1: It's a video player that has the option to display the creation date of the video which is being played, but on the video itself!
Program 2: It's a photo viewer that can display the creation date of the photo but on the photo (on one of the corners)

Note for both:
- If the feature is customizable it is better- like can determain the color and size, position, etc.
- I'm not looking for a program that generates a new photo/ video which date converted inside as a part of the media.
- The creation date (when the photo or video was captured) is in the METADATA of the media.

Any help will be really appreciated!

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No, this date information is not the time the picture/ video was actually taken.


For Pictures you can use the EXIF data that is stored by the camera when the picture is taken. The user can configure their camera to embed the time/date that a picture is taken into the picture.. As far as video is concerned there is no meta-data that can be consistently used.

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