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Please I need some ideas for a HCI paper I am currently working on, I am not asking for the answer but just general ideas that I can work on and further improve on my own. The topic is:

Crossing: Appropriating Technologies for New Cultures
• enabling people from different cultures to be
connected, heard and appreciated
• people who stay away from the benefits of
• solve real problems, empower people in a unique
way, and let them express their colours and needs
• make the less-voiced cultures be better heard
• innovative smart devices

Thank you.

I suppose one approach for people who don't/won't use a "computer" is to enhance devices that they do/will use. As an example, my mother does not have nor want a computer, but she does use features on her (landline) phone for caller ID, number storage & searches, call logs and so on. If landline phones were enhanced with more of the features found on smart mobiles, she might increase her usage of more advanced features and might eventually turn to the internet (if presented in a less "computer" style). An obvious route in to that would be if she could search yellow pages right there on her phone, and from there it would be a small step to general google-type search facilities.

For other people/cultures it might be a different device that gets them started, but the principle would be the same. Gradually add features to familiar devices and converge interfaces so that familiarity with one device helps people to use more devices. Exactly what device you start with would depend upon what devices are used or would be acceptable to the target culture.