Hi. I have this Semantic Network exercise with no answer and i just want to check if i am correct. Please check this image: http://imgur.com/a/iC0dW

The exercise:

Kassim is a 45 year old man who has 2 wives and 7 kids. He workds as a surgeon in a private hospital and owns a Naza Ria. Naza Ria is distributed by the Naza Mototrs. This car has a capacity of 7 seater and is black in colour. Naza Mototrs also distributes Brabus, Peugot, Ferrari, Maserati, and a few more.

*You'll notice at the Naza Mototrs relationship I only did Brabus and Peugot (purposely), but i get the idea of the relationship.

So question:

  1. For wives and children do i place the numbers inside the oval as well? So instead of wives, children its 2 wives, 7 children. Or is there another branch of relationship next to those objects so itll be HAS Two, HAS Seven. ?

  2. In the object, can I list multiple or just one by one? like for the "Naza motors also distributes...." do i have a relationship for each brand or can i put them in a single bubble?

Thanks in advance!

The graph looks ok to me, though there are some of what I would call irrelevant links, such as to the other cars the Naza distributorship handles. Does it matter? Can they handle more than 7 people, after all 1 husband + 2 wives + 7 kids == 10 people - they won't all fit in the Ria.

so the Naza doesnt really need the distributed relationship and the other 2 attributes(black and 7 seater)? just need to show relevance to Kassim not the Naza?