I have a router in one room of my house and wires running through the house into my bedroom where it's connected to a switch that further connected to several different computers in my room. What I am wanting to know is how the traffic flows from one computer to another. If computer A sends computer B a file does the data travel from A, to the switch, and then to B? Or does the traffic from A to B travel through the switch and all the way to the router and back before going to it's inteded destination computer B? Thanks.

Need a little more. In a switched network if machine a and b are on the same switch the traffic is direct between a and b and no other network device sees a thing. Kind of like Master Sergeant Schultz,

I see nothing! I hear nothing! I know nothing!

Thanks. I was worried the traffic was traveling all the way to the router and back to the switch in which case it would slow down other traffic in the house that uses things like netflix.

One more thing. Why is the article labled 'Featured'? Thanks.

If it's like mine, you did it right.

Internet -> Router w/WiFi -> Switch -> wired devices.

All the wired devices can talk among themselves with an exception being if an app uses the internet to talk to other things. But file copies, normal stuff just is traffic on the porst of the devices chatting and the ports on the switch. Nowhere else.

Can create headaches for those that want to monitor what a device talks about.