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I do not have a clue as to what the problem is with this code. I am running php 7.0. This was an old form I used long ago, decided to upgrade it for random use. It works on php 5.0 but not in 7. I have run it through …

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Hello to all. I am developing software in vb.net for sales invoices. Where i need to import invoice data from excel file to vb.net Grid Data View and then save into access db. I will use db data in future for creating customer invoices. I have code that import excel …

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Hi all, I have a new project with vb.net. I need to always connect with older program that run in foxpro, i need to get dbf table and convert it to mysql table. Can anyone help me ?

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Hi, I'm creating a project using VB.Net Windows Form and I want to create a Log-In form that can **Add New User (Limited to 5 User Accounts), Delete User Account, and Change Password**. I want to use Microsoft Access with it. What are the codes I should use to create …

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So, I created a program in VB.Net with Windows Form and I want the user to be able to create a new user, limited to 5 user accounts only. I also want to know if it's possible to change password and delete user accounts. Can I make it so that …

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Hello, I'm a beginner and I created a log-in form in VB.net using Windows Form and configuring the Settings of the project. I need help on how can I prevent the user from accessing the other parts of the program if they haven't registered yet, as well as deleting the …

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Greetings. I am making some Point of Sales system but I have a little problem with the database design. You see, there is this list of products that will be added to a cart. What I need is when these items are added in the cart and then sold, it …

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This is the process I want to attain: 1. I have 4 buttons 2. Each 4 buttons have categories under it 3. When those categories is selected it shows list of datas 4. The datas are like powerpoint empty slides Can Someone give me some idea how to create relational …

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> Last month, Facebook admitted to storing million of Facebook passwords in plaintext. The Verge Apr 18, 2019 We see students being taught login systems here and a recurring mistake is passwords being stored in databases. It appears that CompSci courses teach bad practices early and as we know it's …

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Hello! I have a question and I don’t know whether the title is actually descriptive. For some background on the matter, we use Sage 50 as our merchandise information system and for our reporting and controlling tools we run Access queries. Since our database had been reset at some point …

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