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You can't convert directly. But you can upload data of access into oracle.
You can export the data of access into a .CSV file and from oralce use the SQL LOADER to load the same data to oracle table.


If the database is small u can just copy them,the paste it in the result grid in TOAD also.

I m not understand friend... Please explain more detail about the copied one.


Hi I have tried this @ critical times,

These were the steps I use to do

1.Select the few rows from access DB u want to copy to Oracle

2.Run the following query in oracle

Select * from table_name where rownum<5 for update;

3.We can see an extra line added to the result set grid at its end,click on the first column,so the whole row gets selected and paste the access records.

Hope i have shared wat i know.Thanks


how can i convert an access database to oracle database
please help me

you can use this software "acc2orad".
but problem with this software is that coversion is limited with only 5 rows of each table.

Another option is u need to migrate your access database into oracle with facility of oracle.

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