I have an ER model which i need to convert into a relational database design.

Can someone please let me know if i am on the right track?

Also how do i represent a foriegn Key, do i use italics, and for prinary key underline?

I have attached the ER model, and please see below as to what i have so far.

CUSTOMERS(Customer_ID,Customer_Name,Biling_Street, Billing_City,Billing_State, Billing_Postcode,Customer_Home_Phone, Customer_Work_Phone, Customer_Mobile_Phone; Faxnbr)

JOBS(Customer_ID,Job_ID,Job_Description, Expected_Start_Date,Expected_Duration_Days, Actual_Start_Date, Actual_Finish_Date, Total_Hours, Total_Litres_Used, Total_Amount_Due, Completed)

INVOICE(Invoice_ID, Job_ID,Invoice_Date,Invoice_Amount, Due_Date)

PAYMENT(Invoice_ID, Payment_ID, Payment_Date,Payment_Amount)

EMPLOYEE(Employee_ID, Employee_Name,Street, City, State, Postcode, Employee_Home_Phone, Employee_Mobile_Phone, Tax_File_Nbr)

TIMESHEET(Employee_ID, Job_ID, Timesheet_ID, Start_Time_Stamp, Finish_Time_Stamp, Hours_Worked, Litres_Used)

Thanks for your help and yes this is an assignment, so all guidence and reasoning behind suggsestion would be appreciated.

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What you have looks good to me. I don't what what the font convention is for representing foreign keys and primary keys, or if there even is one.

Secondly, what exactly do you mean by converting an ER model to a relational database design; I usually think of the ER model as a step in the relational database design process.

Having said all that, the tables you have listed do represent the ER Model you have attached.

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