Hi there!

Ive been working on my relational schema for a while now and just recently managed to implement it. I wanted experiment a little with it so ive decided to produce a report displaying relevant information. At the moment my schema only consists of 3 tables : a 'student' table, a 'course' table and a student 'next-of-kin' table. The pk for student is named 'studentNo', the same goes for 'course' and 'next-of-kin' ('courseNo', 'next_of_kinNo'). 10 entries have been made so far for both 'student' and 'next_of_kin'.

The report i intend to produce will need to display a list of students studying 1 common course (Business Studies, courseNo : '12885545'). The report should be ordered by studentNo.

This is what i have already come up with:

--set echo off
--set pagesize 24
--set feedback off
--set linesize 78
col A format 99999999 heading 'Student No'
col B format A15 heading 'Student Name'
col C format A15 heading 'Course Name'
col D format 99999999 'Course No'
col E format A10 heading 'Next-of-Kin'
break on A skip 1 on B
TTitle 'Business Studies 1 Option BT300'
BTitle 'Prepared By : Richard Stroud / 20527796'
Select StudentNo A,
fName || ' ' || lName B,
title C,
courseNo D,
fName || ' ' || lName E,

From student A, course B, next_of_kin C
where B.courseNo = 12885545
order by studentNo
--clear columns
--TTitle off
--BTitle off
--set feedback on
--set pagesize 24
--clear breaks

When i execute the above i am prompted with an 'unknown column option "Course" error message.

I will greatly appreciate any help in regards to this issue

~ Richard :)

why using same alias for the table name and column name ?

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