Hello all,

I am trying to create a database using Microsoft Access based on the folowing scenario. However, before doing this, I am trying to figure out the logic and draw an ERD.

The scenario is as follows:

"The Meantime agency manages properties for rent in South East London. Clients who wish to rent a property will register with the agency. They will provide personal details and information on the type of property they are looking for, the location and the maximum rent they are prepared to pay. The client will also provide details of a referee.
Landlords with a property to rent will also register with the agency providing their personal details and details of the property including the required rent. A landlord may be an individual or a company. Landlords are required to sign an agreement with the agency which will specify the rate of payment to the agency for the lease of a property. The rate is normally equivalent to one month’s rental but may differ from property to property.
When a client registers they will be provided with a list of suitable properties. If the client is interested in a property the agency will arrange a viewing. The agency will oversee the signing of the lease when a letting is agreed. Once the lease has been signed the agency will invoice the landlord for their fee.

You are required to design the new system for the agency."

I want to draw the ERD for this, but can someone tell me if the following logic is correct:

Many Clielts can rent many properties.
Many clients must have one referee.
Many clients can arrange a viewing for a property.
One client cn sign many leases.
Landlords can ren many properties.
Lanlords must sign rental agreement with agency.

If I have missed or anything or the logic os off, can someone please tell me? Once I figure out the logic, I am sure I can model the ERD.

Thanking you.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I think I get te jist of it now.

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