hey guys,
i have created a database using ACCESS, i have one table and i have created a page for the front end, this database is for my personal use, in the table i have the column for email ids,
now i have about 110 email entries and i wish to extract them for my emailing purposes, but i do not know how to do it, i tried select column and paste it, but it didnt work, and also if i have to use PINE in linux, how do i acquire all these IDs, one more question, i want to back up the database, i wrote the folder on a cd, but i cannot open up the page cos some linker files are missing..please help me out with these problems.... :cry:

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what are you using for email?

atlast i got some reply........lemme put it this way, i can use any kinda email provided i get out of this problem.......i have a brief idea of using different clients..........


If you are using outlook, you can simply use the import wizard in outlook to extract the information from the database into a contacts folder


did you say you're using the pine email client? if so.. that'll be an intresting solution to information from a remote database to the to: cc: or bcc: fields, look through your pine help manual it might have some information there, but i do not no the database connection strings for nix based techs, but im telling you you'd be better of jsut have a text document (basic) with an email address on each line and calling it from that, i know ive seen how to do this in the Sams Unix in 24 hours or whatever it's called book, for calling from a document, and it's not too difficult for single entries (as far as my experience with pine goes) and im sure more wouldn't be difficult

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