Was wondering if someone could help me with an issue I'm having. I'm new to databases and have to compose an E-R diagram in mysql from a set of given instructions. I'm happy enough with most of it apart from one small section:

-----Property Rentals” has several branch offices nationwide. Each Branch office has Branch-
No, Branch-Location, Branch-Address, and Branch-Telephone.
•“Property Rentals” has a number of Staff working in its branch offices. Each office has
three types of Staff: Manager, Supervisors, and Assistants. Each Staff member is registered
in just one Branch office with a Staff-No, Staff-Type, Staff-Name, Staff-Address, Date-of-
Birth, Date-Started, and Salary. The Manager of an office is responsible for the day-to-day
running of that office and managing all its staff, while each Supervisor in the office is
responsible for supervising a group of staff Assistants in that office.-----

I know that I can't just have a staff table with 'staff type' inside, but am not sure how to break it down. What I have at the moment is a main staff table and then smaller tables of manager, assistants and supervisor. The relationships look all wrong though, I'm unsure what way to lay it out. Any helpful tips appreciated :)

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