Hi i am new to ms access databases, really struggling with my tables relationships

my database has more than one many-to-many relationships, for example one instructor can have many classes, one class can have different instructors, one client could have different instuctors, one instructor could have many clients and all at different times, on different days

eg: 18/06/2013 Time: 8:00, Instructor: Steven, Class :Pilates, Clients: Bob, kerry,alex,red

Time: 9:30, Instructor: Thomas, Class :Yoga, Clients: Alexis, jo, greg

22/06/2013 Time: 10:00, Instructor: Greg, Class :Reformer, Clients: Bob, Harry, fred

Time: 16:30, Instructor: Fred, Class :Yoga, Clients: Alexis, ,Tom, Jed, Sean

(Each day can have many of these at any times)

really struggling on this one, its probably really though any help on relationship diagram would be greatly appreciated

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thanks for the reply
i know that i have to use one or more junction tables not sure how to correctly do that,
coz i wanted to form with subforms to display the above examples and one just for instructors,
and build queries to display one for each for the entire month and weekly


hows this look had help, trying to design a form that allows me to view the schedule
date/time instructor class clients

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