Many years ago I worked as a dBase III programmer. In my early 30's I left the field of IT to persue another career. Today I am required to develop databases for a variety of stand-alone (PC) applications. I have Access to construct the database but I need advice on if and how I can write routines to add records, update, select based on criteria, etc.

I am hoping to use a simple tool with either pseudo-english commands (as with dBase), wysiwig or some other relatively simple method. And no, I cannot contract the work to a professional ;). Wouldn't I be so lucky.

Those of you who are familiar with dBase will hopefully be able to steer me in the right direction.

Thank you and kind regards,

"Remember, 100 years from now...all new people"

dbase! me too. long time ago.

dr. cod's rules for normal databases still apply...
however, depending on what you want to do, access eventually stops being easy.
there is lots you can do without learning visual basic, although learning that is extremely helpful.

google "mvp access" for some good tips from microsoft mvp's.

simple forms are easy to create to add or update records.
record selection... you need to learn sql; but access has its "query" writer that allows you to do simple selection by column.

simple tool? not aware of any for any database... it all gets "interesting" when you want to build apps that users can use (and not break).

ps, look at the northwind database included with access, it does a lot.