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I've been doing a lot on social networking lately, mostly because of the book I've been writing on the subject. Social media is a real market-changer.

Something else that's been happening quietly and in the background is the emergence of games as a serious computing application. A new study says that gamers aren't geeks (did anyone still think they were?), that they have higher than average income (knew that, if they can afford the consoles they're on an above average income) and - here's the interesting bit - they pay genuine attention to in-game advertising.

I freely admit to being among those old fogeys who thought that in-game advertising would end up as a second fiddle sort of thing, distinctly a minority pursuit.

And it appears I'm wrong. Consumer electronics is changing not only markets but the way in which the consumer is approaching those markets. New touch points are emerging all the time. Anyone in Internet marketing might now be well advised to consider: have I got my social networking and gaming strategy sorted out?

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Author, 'This Is Social Media' (Capstone Publishing 2009); freelance journalist in the UK for the Guardian, Times, Telegraph, Independent and others.

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