TV presenter and Twitter hero Jonathan Ross was amongst the glitterati of the gaming, gadget and entertainment industries who were invited to a 'top secret' hands-on briefing about Project Natal, hosted by Microsoft in London yesterday evening. He took his son with him, and his son posted a video of Ross playing with the new Xbox 360 Wii-alike controller to YouTube. If you want to see both in action, you can do so here .

However, Ross senior in Tweeting the news that his son was posting the video might have just let slip the official launch date for Project Natal, something that Microsoft itself has been working pretty hard to keep under wraps. Here's what he had to say:

"OK. Before bed. Natal on X Box impressive. Not quite there yet i think but tye have til october and if they get it right...skys the limit."

So there you have it, an October launch for Project Natal it is then. Probably.

Not having been invited to the event myself I cannot say if Ross had to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement or not, but I doubt he is flavour of the month at Microsoft right now. That said, the video does make Project Natal look rather good, and being Ross the word will no doubt get spread far and wide (hey, even I am writing about it) so maybe he's not in the dog house after all.

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