Sony, Nintendo, and Capcom Announce Q1 Financial Results

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As more Q1 fiscal reports keep rolling in, it's clear that Sony stands out among the gaming pack, thanks in part to a significant rise is PS3 Sales. Unfortunately, Nintendo and Capcom didn't fare so well.

Sony Sony bounced back from a 1st quarter loss of $426 million last year, fueled by increased sales of the PlayStation 3 hardware and software. They finished the quarter ending June 30th with a net income of $295 million, and sales of $18.7 billion. The PlayStation arm of Sony is still reporting an operating loss of $43 million, but it is a significant improvement over last year's 1st quarter loss of $422 million, due in large part to the 2.4 million PS3s sold between April and June. [ Sony Earnings Announcement ]

Nintendo released their financial earnings report for the 1st quarter, ending on June 30th. Sales, operating, and net income have decreased compared to last year. Sales dropped to $2.16 billion from $2.9 billion. Operating and net income fell to $264 million and $287 million from $460 million and $483 million last year. This is due to the appreciation in the value of the yen and the price drop of the DS.

Nintendo Sold 3.15 million DS systems and 3.04 million Wii consoles worldwide, carried by 22.42 million and 28.17 million units of software, respectively. Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii stood out with 4.09 million copies sold since May. Nintendo predicts $6.3 billion in net sales by the end of September, and hopes to close out the their fiscal year at $16 billion, by March 2011.

They've also revealed that they will announce the release date and pricing information for the highly anticipated 3DS, on September 29th.
[ Nintendo Earnings Announcement ]

Capcom took a hit in their 1st quarter due to less than stellar sales of Monster Hunter Tri and Lost Planet 2. Net sales dropped 2.4% to $219 million, and net income took a 90% dive to a paltry $2.5 million. Even under the pressure of struggling economies in US and Europe, Capcom says they will still hit their financial forecasts at the end of the fiscal year.
[ Capcom Earnings Announcement ]