Hi, I have a Sony Vaio VGN-NS10L laptop, and i haven't a clue what has happened to it. It was running windows 7 upgrade, originally on Vista. Have owned it for just over 18mnths, no problems, and just under a year on windows 7. It is very very empty in terms of content, it is a spare, just running MSN, Skype, office 2007, no music or movies etc.

In the week before it died, 3 times it froze after using for around 2 hrs and made a very loud scratchy, screaming noise (sorry, only way i can describe it) and i had to shut down by holding the power button. but it would restart fine.

Now, i try to switch it on, the green power led comes on, but no fan or other noise, the screen stays black. Have tried using the ac adapter and on battery, but no difference.

What have i done wrong? is it fixable?

Hope someone can help.

Hi, think i have got somewhere. have read previous posts about vaios having ram problems. So i opened mine up, removed and reinserted the ram, and voila, it booted.
Thanks to you guys for the info.

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