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Make a non-Windows distribution, provide source code, show pictures of the game.. it worries me to open an .exe file downloaded from an anonymous file server. Also, I couldn't open the .exe if I wanted to, because I don't use Windows...


Make it actually possible to win. if you get 1 question wrong you have to die or start over.
Be careful about how you display your sprites, you have trees growing out of other trees very often.
Add to it, you need other gameplay elements. Right now it is very.. boring.
Sound is extremely odd

Don't use game maker. I used it for a long time but stopped and started c++, which I am pretty good at and I am making much better games with c++ than I ever made in game maker. Although game maker is easier, a real programming language is the way to go. No one will respect a game maker game. ESPECIALLY with that GM splash screen.

One thing I will say however. Graphics did look nice.


make it easier to understand and easier for beggineres to just pick up and play, no offense but i think that the idea of making a triva game like this is gay, give it a story. or have someone write one. you have a good display of talent with game maker, you just need better storys concepts and ideas to make better games. sry if it seemed like was trying to be a dick just giving some tips and opinions.

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